How much should you charge your mobile phone?

The use of mobile phones has become the order of the day for everyone. Due to low priced phones available in the market, the use of mobile handset has spread far and wide. Features like video games, listening to music and watching movies have also got pretty common.

This has put a lot of load on batteries. They get discharged faster when used for entertainment purpose or for using heavy apps. There are various tips and tricks mentioned to increase the battery life. If a battery is charged fully, it can last longer on that particular charge and comes in handy when one is away and there are no resources for charging the mobile phone.

But if you wish to extend the battery life, do not charge it fully. Yes, it may sound odd, but a tech expert has recently claimed that not charging a mobile phone’s battery at 100% can increase the life of the battery.Mobile Battery

According to a report recently published in Indian Express, Eric Limer said that there is no need to ensure that the phones are always charged fully or to discharge them, it is better to keep them only half charged.

Eric Limer further added that having an overcharged battery or charging it to the fullest and then gradually using up the power to get the charging down, can do a steady damage to the device. Always charging the phone can make it hot considerably from inside, which in turn causes it to lose power.

If, a phone battery is discharged fully once every month, it can help in resetting the phone. There was also a word of caution when charging the phone. When a mobile phone is charged, it would be wise to disconnect it from the charger as this can also be a potential cause for battery damage.

So what are the best temperatures for the battery?

According to Eric Limer, the ideal temperature for batteries is 150 Celsius. But if batteries are kept at nearly 250 Celsius tend to lose nearly 20% of the power per annum. Some of the ways of improving the battery life are turning off the apps that use GPS – Global Positioning System, using a soft ring tone or using airplane mode where there is low signals.

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  1. Hi Abhijit,
    You have shared really a very useful information on mobile phone charging process, some times we left our phone in charge for all night which is not at all very safe and may have negative impact on battery performance,
    keep sharing such important informations on mobile phones.


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