Chrome 56 Beta Will Label HTTP Sites as Not Secure

Chrome 56 Beta version is now rolling out. News that was lately released in September about HTTP sites which carry some sensitive data would be marked unsecured. Chrome 56 is said to mark HTTP sites carrying sensitive data ‘Not Secured’.

Chrome 56 Beta


A whole lot of desktop pages are being served as HTTPS on Google Chrome. But its giant maker, Google wants every HTTP websites to be tagged as insecure. This is because any third-parties can take a glance at these sites anytime. The possibilities also indicate that these sites can be modified prior to reaching the user.

Chrome 55 has just reached on the Android platforms and web. By the time, Chrome 56 Beta is excited to enter. As announced earlier, this version will mark the HTTP websites which carries sensitive information as ‘Not Secure’. There are other features as well including support for Web Bluetooth. There are a few APIs, which works for functionality on the mobile website.


Chrome 56 will label those HTTP pages that grab credit cards or passwords as ‘Not Secure’. And eventually show this tag on the address bar. This feature will apparently start rolling out in the next few weeks. However, the wider launch is set to roll out in the January 2017.

You must have seen the gray info icon for the regular connections that shows a neutral indicator. The latest version Chrome will display all the HTTP sites with a label of red warning triangle and text at the place of the gray icon. We hope to see Chrome 56 on the stable channel in about six weeks from now.

Google has extended its work into the Physical web as well as Beacons, which enables website as a whole to interact with Android, Mac, and Chrome OS based devices having Bluetooth Low energy. A little addition in the JavaScript allows developers to connect various devices including LED displays and printers.


The new version will also allow developers to experiment on the WebVR API in the intention to create virtual reality experience for the web users. Furthermore, Remote Playback API allows sites to control the media on speakers as well as Smart TVs.

What are your views on the Chrome 56 beta and do you think all HTTP sites would be apt to be tagged as Not Secure.


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