Chuwi Powerbank with 10050mAh Battery Launched at $22.99

Chuwi brings brand new Hi-Power powerbank with enhanced features. The all new Chuwi powerbank possesses the monstrous 10050 mAh capacity and Quick Charge (QC) 3.0.

Chuwi Powerbank


The latest Chuwi powerbank comes with a certification from Qualcomm. The Qualcomm Quick charge 3.0 is the fastest charging technology in the world. So now when your smartphone runs out of battery, it won’t be any hassle to charge it.

The China-based company Chuwi is specifically known for manufacturing tablets. The new Chuwi powerbank is a compact looking device that measures 103.5 x 60.91 x 22.8mm. It weighs around 195 grams that makes it an ultra lightweight powerbank.

With QC 3.0, the charging efficiency of the powerbank has been improved by almost 38 percent as compared to QC 2.0. Additionally, the charging speed has gotten an enhancement of 27 percent. And the good news flows for those people who are worried about their electricity bill. The power consumption of Chuwi powerbank has also gone down by 45 percent due to the QC 3.0.


The Chuwi powerbank sports the high density LG/Panasonic inbuilt Lithium-ion battery cells. Furthermore, the powerbank is made by Texas Instruments high-performing control chip. So now you know that on the hardware part of the Chuwi powerbank is good enough. Moreover, with 93 percent of charging conversion rate, it will give you a quicker user experience.

The Chuwi powerbank has two ports, one normal USB and the other microUSB. And it supports up to 18 watts of output for fast charging both ways. Additionally, it can charge itself with the same technology as well. There are many such powerbanks available in the market from many reputed companies. There are also the fake ones too. Xiaomi Mi powerbanks are also good ones to own. But you should be aware of how you can identify the fake Xiaomi Mi powerbanks from the genuine ones. The reason was that there were reports doing the rounds last year that the fake Xiaomi Mi powerbanks were selling more than those of the original ones.

The powerbank is packed with the exclusive AiCharge technology feature. So don’t worry if your device doesn’t blend with the Qualcomm QC 3.0. It is compatible with the iPhones, iPads, and Samsung devices.


The new Chuwi device has been tagged with a price of $22.99 and you can pick up the powerbank on a presale offer now. The shipment will be starting from October 25th.

So what do you think of this stylish and compact powerbank. Its compelling colors might have blown your mind too. Please comment in the section below how you like the Chuwi powerbank.


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