Clicking too many photos? Free up your Smartphone with these apps

Cameras, due to Smartphones, have become the order of the day. Clicking photos and recording videos of literally anything and everything and everyone is a photographer today. Photos of the nature, of your cats and dogs, your friends, family and relatives are snapped like anything. But one hardly is ready to delete them. It requires a heavy heart to do it and generally this doesn’t happen, isn’t it?

But then there will be a time when you will run out of space on your Smartphone. You will neither be able to take any more photos nor will you be able to download any app. A Smartphone doesn’t look smart in such cases. It takes a toll on your OS behavior as well. It starts to act in the weird way. But then there is a way out to free up your Smartphone space and keep all your stuff safe and sound.


A cloud service like Dropbox is the one what you should be looking for. And Dropbox is a pretty popular one when it comes to storing your photos and/or videos. The best part of the service is that it allows you to upload photos automatically. If you are already spending bucks to use Dropbox, then things will be easier. Install the app and after signing in, go straight to the Settings.

Here, switch on the Camera Upload. The most important part is turning on the Background Uploading. This frees you of constantly launching the app whenever you click a new image. If you are syncing for the first time, it’s better to do it with the Wi-Fi.

In case you do not have a paid account (you are having a free account) your account size will be limited to only around 5GB storage.


If you are clicking photos and taking videos like a possessed one, Flickr should be your first choice. The reason is pretty simple. Flickr allows you to storage data up to 1TB. And that’s indeed a lot of space. With Flickr too, you can upload the images in the background. You will just have to turn the Auto Upload on. You will be able to view the images on the site. However, they will be tagged as private, by default.

However, there is one downside of the app. You will be able to upload only the new images. As far as the old pictures are concerned, you will have to sync your phone to your computer and then upload the images. But once this is done, you will be making life a lot easier for you and your Smartphone.

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