Comcast Brings Down Netflix’s House of Cards

House of Cards had made Netflix as the reliable source for watching original content with a must-see tag. But Comcast has just played its part to keep Netflix useless in the process. As a matter of fact, the customers of Comcast now won’t have to rely on Netflix to watch House of Cards from now on.

In one of the developments, Comcast has had a deal with Sony, in which it will be selling the subscriber access of the first season of House of Cards via its Xfinity Store, according to Variety.

This isn’t just any other change. The absence of Netflix and that too for its signature show is enough to send a clear message. The entertainment industry isn’t ready to allow anyone, particularly the Northern California tech company to bring about any changes in the TV without demanding any price.

House of Cards – the political drama has been an identity for Netflix, just as The Sopranos was closely associated with HBO. Netflix had recently spent $100 million, which weren’t enough to get them the rights to Frank Underwood’s Machiavellian rise.

As a matter of fact, Netflix got the rights for streaming a couple of seasons online. And reportedly it wasn’t even enough for covering the cost of production of the first 26 episodes. As far as the other costs are concerned, it was towards the Media Rights Capital, which actually produced the House of Cards and that’s why have all the rights to sell their rights.

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