You can now compose emails in full-screen with Google

Now you can compose emails in full-screen with Google. This will be possible by virtue of an update. It is only a matter of time before the new feature will be activated. The compose box is tweaked to work in this way.

The box currently is nothing but a bigger chat window. There isn’t anything much to choose between the chat window and the compose box. However, once the feature is activated, the compose box will get bigger.
It will start appearing at the center of the inbox and you will be able to expand it and can absorb the entire screen. Users will have the choice to click and expand the compose box through the button that rests to the top right corner.

Users can also switch between the default view to the full-screen view. When expanded there will be more options to the bottom left of the box.Gmail new view
It has been quite a while since Google came up with the new compose box.

It was actually in October 2012, when the new window was first displayed by Google. It went on to become the default way for sending emails from the month of March.

There were many users who chose to go with the new look of the mailbox. Writing emails isn’t as easy as instant messaging or chatting. If one has to write a mail with reference to an old mail, it becomes all the more difficult searching through the previous emails.

Google has made sure that the new controls will not only be helpful but also stay away from the user if not needed. That is the best thing Google has kept an eye on. So, the user interface becomes all the easier. The profile pictures of the contacts also show up when entering the email address of the recipient.

The auto-fill option is another positive feature. It makes sure that the mail will be sent to the intended person only. If a certain person is sent mail often and by mistake, a different recipient is selected with the same name, Gmail asks to confirm if the mail is intended to be sent to the new recipient.

Finally, the new compose box with the full-screen will be a default view as well. These changes will come into effect for all the users in the next few days.

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