Computer Running Slow? Try These Tips For Faster PCs

Is your computer running slow? Well, computers are being widely used today, both for commercial as well as personal reasons. Whatever be the reason for the use, in the course of time, computers are more likely to slow down over time. You are not and should not expect your computer to behave in the same way the way it used to when you bought it from the store.

Computer Running Slow

Here are some tips for you to cope with the slow speed of your computer.

Check Your Computer

Always check your computer from time to time. Many times you will find that there are many programs and files on your computer that you do not use. Use control panel for this purpose. In the “Add or Remove Program” list, you can get to see the list of all the installed programs and the frequency of the use. You can easily uninstall the rarely used programs as they will be eating up the disk space more than helping you.

Depending on your need, you can also uninstall the programs you feel you won’t need to work with.

Run Anti-Virus

It is vital that you run your anti-virus program from time to time. Make sure you ‘clean’ the unwanted files from your hard disk as well. That will not only remove the files, but also make extra space on the hard drive. Remember, the more the free space on the hard disk, the better and easier your computer can breathe. With loads of files, it can get suffocated.

Also, the possibility of a virus can also slow down the system. Check your computer for viruses. If you remove all the viruses, you are more likely to notice an increase in the speed. If the infected file cannot be removed, you can at least quarantine the same to get good results.

Made Any Changes?

Have you made any changes to your computer and found that the speed has gone down since then? Well, this is a possibility you cannot deny. Knowingly or unknowingly you may have installed any new program, or used a bulk of the space from your hard drive. It is possible that the computer can slow down after this.

Search your hard disk for such programs. Alternately, if you know which program is causing your machine to slow down, uninstall if it is possible.

Format The System

One of the last resources to really tune up your computer is to format it. It may sound weird to format the entire system just for tuning it up. However, if you can afford to go through all the steps of formatting and installing everything back, you can most certainly give a serious thought to this option. But always remember to back up your data before starting.

Also, make sure you have the source to install the programs that will get erased after formatting. You can use an external hard drive for the backing up purpose as well.

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