Consumer Electronics Show 2015: A Curtain Raiser

The Consumer Electronics Show 2015 is all set to underway in a few hours from now. Las Vegas will host the yearly event. The CES has always displayed the best electronic gadgets and this year will be no different. The annual event has gained a lot of importance as it is nearing 50 years of existence.

Such an ‘elderly’ event in the field of electronics is the home to some of the best upcoming gadgets released in the year. For a lot of companies the consumer electronics show is a novel way to present their products and ideas before the world. The Consumer Electronics Show 2015 will be a similar event.

Consumer Electronics Show 2015

Newer and fresher digital gadgets, TV sets with the latest technologies, solutions for making homes heaven on earth and finally, a man-less car from either Apple CarPlay or Android Auto from Google are some of the exciting things to look forward to in the Consumer Electronics Show 2015.

Quantum Dot TVs

The Quantum Dot TVs are the next generation TV sets. After the OLED TVs, the world will welcome the new Quantum Dot TVs. Actually the OLED TVs were expected to stay around for a longer duration. However, such TV sets are neither easy to manufacture nor cost efficient. That’s why they could not long sustain the tag of being the descendants of the Plasma TVs.

On the other hand, big players like Samsung, Sony and LG are trying to push forward the concept of the Quantum Dot TVs. A platform like Consumer Electronics Show 2015 can be a great beginning for introducing Quantum Dot TVs.


Manless Smart Cars

Do not get taken aback by the inclusion of the auto entry in this list. After all, this is not an auto expo but Consumer Electronics Show 2015. But, when it comes to technologies from key players like Apple and Google, it has to be in the CES. This could be the biggest news in the world of autos this year right at the beginning.

The dashboard in the car will either run on Apple CarPlay or Android Auto from the house of Google. The technology will be paired with your Smartphone that will allow you accessing maps, contacts, music messages, etc. We will also see the Holy Grail of auto cars.

Talking Devices for a Smarter Home

‘Smart’ has become a household name today, but the houses still haven’t become ‘smart’ enough. Isn’t that still a reality in 2015? The reason is that there aren’t ‘talking’ devices, which could have potentially solved the hitch. Stalwarts in the business like Google and Apple are working their way to find a solution to the problem.

However, Consumer Electronics Show 2015 may be the first major step towards making households ‘smart’. ‘Work With Nest’ and ‘HomeKit’ are the two technologies used by Google and Apple to make ‘smart’ devices work with each other with the help of a Smartphone. 2015 is likely to see more of similar gadgets.

Virtual Reality Gear

Marty McFly’s hover cards may not be here even if it is 2015. That little makes the difference as head mounted computers have already made their existence. These computers are smart enough to push you in the virtual land. It can be recalled that the virtual reality devices have been the USP of the Consumer Electronics Show for the past two years.


And it looks like the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 will be another such year as far as virtual reality goes. Facebook’s Oculus Rift may make an appearance as the ultimate consumer product. The product is expected to be launched this year, probably towards the end.


The Consumer Electronics Show 2015 will usher in all new technology that has been in the wings for the last few days waiting to be presented to the world. And we will keep you updated regarding the same from time to time.

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