Content Writing: What’s Distracting You from Writing?

Content writing needs concentration and focus and it’s a must doing when doing so. But there are bound to be distractions in your writing session. Here are some tips to help you do distraction-free writing.

Content Writing

Content writing is a big business today. Hundreds and thousands of articles in various categories are written every day. Are you one of those writers out there? How distraction-free is your writing? Do you (often) get disturbed when you are writing your articles? Does it take you ages to write a simple 400-word article, which should have been completed in a matter of a few minutes?

Well, there is a long and big trail of such questions that are bound to rise in your mind if you are having problems concentrating. If your answer to the above questions is yes, then you seriously need to think and bring about some important changes in your writing sessions.

Here are four tips to help your content writing a breeze

  • Choose a separate room for your work

It may not be possible for everyone, but if you can, choose a separate room for your work. If you sit in a room where there are other members of your family or people showing up for various reasons, you will find it hard to concentrate and write. They will always keep talking with you for reasons best known to them.

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No doubt, you will have to answer back. This can break your line of thinking and also lose your valuable time. So, prefer sitting alone as much as possible.

  • Stay away from phone and TV

Your phone (no matter how smart it is) and your TV are the two culprits that disturb you over and over again. And who knows, you could also be a culprit not resisting the temptation of checking the messages or watching the score of your favorite player.

So, the next time you start your writing session, make sure your TV is totally switched off and even remove it from the plug. For phones and tablets, set all the notifications to off and mute the device.

  • Be self-disciplined

For many people, ‘discipline’ is one word that is only for others. But, when it comes to oneself, it is hard to follow discipline. Success never comes without discipline. Having only the talent to write great articles isn’t going to help. If you remain stuck to your work in an organized manner, it will take you two steps further, instead of just one.

  • Set goals

Start your writing session with a certain goal in mind and try to follow it. Remember, be realistic in setting goals. Give a thought to your history for that. Consider how much time you took to write, say, a 300-word article last time and try to finish your next assignment accordingly. Do not jump time-frames while doing so.

For example, if you needed 30 minutes to write a 300-word article, do not expect to finish a similar article in only 15 minutes. But yes, setting various goals is very important as far as article writing is concerned. You must have the control and restraint to finish things within a specific time limit.

Content writing is a very interesting profession. If you know the ins and outs of the trade, it will help you in achieving your goals better.

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