Now control your paper airplane with Smartphone’s new technology

Once a paper aircraft leaves your hand, you cannot control it anymore. However, now with a new technology in Smartphone, you can control even a paper airplane.

The control you can exercise on the airplane isn’t limited in any way. You can make the airplane twist and turn in the open once you shoot it off.

Power Up 3.0 is built by a US designer Shai Goitein. There is a tiny attachable propeller as well as a rudder that can give the plane a tad more speed along with steering control.

This is like giving the basic model an upgrade and turning it into a ‘machine’. The Bluetooth connectivity option permits the user to guide the paper aircraft with the help of their Smartphones that is accompanied by an app.

One way of controlling the airplane is by tilting the Smartphone. If the phone is tilted towards the right, the airplane turns right and doing the same to the left can turn the plane to the left as it keeps flying at almost 60 yards.

Things like compass, controls that can help in battery readout as well as range come along in the app. Getting going is easy. When you make a paper plane, put the smart module to the plane that come with patented clips. It is pretty easy with your Smartphone and the app.

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