Costs of PC may rise after falling rupee value

This week has been particularly bad for the Indian rupee as the lowest it touched was more than Rs. 58 against the US dollar. This has been a historic low and certainly a record that the Indians, in particular, don’t like to remember.

A falling rupee means an increase in many prices, especially those, are imported into India. And as far as the electronic world goes, various gadgets and devices are like to get costlier than before.

Various computer components in the country are likely to be hit as most of the items are imported from foreign countries like China and Taiwan. The reason for the price hike will be because the vendors will also be affected.

Prices of desktop computers and laptops are likely to go up sooner than later. The increase in the prices of the components is likely to be around 5% to 6%. Though the rupee has experienced a downward trend in this week, the new and revised prices are likely to be only seen in a couple of month’s time at the most.

The slump in the rupee is certainly unexpected. Many economists and experts in the field were expecting the rupee to stay between Rs. 54 and Rs. 56. However, none had expected it to go beyond Rs. 58.

Due to this unexpected slide of a couple of rupees, the price hike became necessary. Moreover, the profits in the industry are also skinny. That added to the inevitability of price rise.

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