Credit for Office iPad is to Steve Ballmer Not Satya Nadella

Office iPad has been popular since it became open for Apple devices. And the credit for this goes to former boss Steve Ballmer and not current CEO Satya Nadella.

Light was thrown on this new discovery when there was a discussion on Reddit by the Office for iPad team. There was a Q&A session and that is when it came to the fore as to who actually deserved the credit for bringing Office for Apple gadgets.

It was actually Steve Ballmer who was at the forefront leading the application that was being anticipated for a long time until its release. The earlier strategy of the company was overridden by the former boss as it looked to link the suite only with Windows OS in an attempt to give a push to their tabs.

Office for iPad
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Microsoft had come up with a tweet a few days back where they claimed that the new software was downloaded in excess of 12 million times ever since it was made available to the general users.

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But, does the figure of 12 million downloads speak the truth and the response of the users? Well, a certain Reddit user has said that people he knew who use iPad indeed had downloaded the app. However, they got rid of it when they stumbled upon the price tag.

The $99 app looked expensive for some users. That said, the three prominent arms of the Office suite – Word, Excel and PowerPoint are still the top three downloads in the Unites States.

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