Debut Samsung Tizen Smartphone in India by November

Samsung Tizen Smartphone will debut for the Indian market. The phone will be launched in the month of November. The official launch date of the Smartphones will be known shortly.

Earlier this year, there were reports about Samsung ready to launch Smartwatches that run on the Tizen platform.

Samsung Tizen Smartphone

The Smartphone launch in India will see the first Smartphone by Tizen being launched for the Indian market. Tizen is the operating system developed by Samsung for its own devices.

The efforts on Smaung’s part are to make their operating system more popular. It is a direct challenge to Google’s Android operating system. The impending launch of the Samsung Tizen Smartphone is a clear effort on the part of Samsung to break away from Google’s Android.

It must be mentioned that in late 2013 the Samsung SC-03F Tizen Smartphone was found in the FCC listing. Read more here.

Tarun Malik, who is the Director of Media Solutions Center, South West Asia, for Samsung has confirmed the plans for the launch of Samsung devices with Tizen OS. The plans of launching the device has been reportedly confirmed, but without any details. That’s why there aren’t any more details available.


Speaking to a leading daily, Mr. Tarun Malik said that they started out late (on the company’s own OS). But he added that the company is pretty focused on its job. Terming the launch of the Samsung Tizen Smartphone with their own OS, he said that it is a ‘game’ and that the handset manufacturer has to take initiative.

The Director of Media Solutions Center, Mr. Tarun Malik has been at the forefront at encouraging the Samsung Tizen Smartphones. Even when the Samsung phones will be available with the Tizen OS, there will also be variants that will run on the Android OS.

Possible Launch of Tizen Devices

Samsung may not launch the flagship device Samsung Z on Tizen, which they had announced back in June. It is understood that Samsung may launch either the SM-Z130E or the SM-Z130H handsets. Both of these are Samsung Tizen Smartphone devices. But, at the moment, there is not much information available about these handsets.

Postponing Samsung Z Launch

Samsung had postponed the launch of the Samsung Z – the first of the Samsung Tizen Smartphone. The postponement was for an indefinite period. Plans for selling the device were also finalized. Samsung was planning to first sell the device in Russia and then in to other parts of the world.

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