Delete Facebook: What’s Wrong with the Largest Social Media

The “delete Facebook” mania is spreading like wildfire. People are deleting Facebook, even as Mark Zuckerberg says he hasn’t seen a meaningful number of deletion. But is Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook really under threat?

Delete Facebook

Delete Facebook

How would it feel to delete Facebook from your life? Has your life gone techno savvy? How long can you stay without the internet? Especially without addictive apps? Would you count Facebook as an addictive app on your list? Will you take the opportunity to delete Facebook for good if you think it’s eating into your time? Well, the list of questions can go on and on. But the “#deletefacebook” looks a bit scary, especially if you are an FB fan.

The scare gets a boost because it comes from WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton, himself, who had sold the messaging app to Facebook, saying it’s time to delete.But the tweet comes from the co-founder’s unverified account.

The move is surely something that will not give good taste to Mark Zuckerberg for obvious reasons. Stressing on privacy, he added, he would never have wished to sell his messaging app to a company that doesn’t give privacy the priority.

Those who don’t know what’s happening around, it came to the fore that the personal details of as many as 50 million users were leaked. And what comes to light is the controversial US Elections a couple of years back.

Cambridge Analytica, the name of a data analytics firm also comes to the fore in this all. They had allegedly received a hefty sum of $15M so the data could be handed over.

If the reports are anything to go by, Facebook knew about the leaks three years back. And they reportedly didn’t look into things then. It’s touted to be the biggest data leak in the history of Facebook – or any social network for that matter.

Sony Xperia Users can’t Delete Facebook

In the meantime, Sony Xperia users aren’t able to delete WhatsApp from their smartphones. What they can do at the most is disable the app. That means this half-measure won’t be sufficient. And it’s for the simple reason that, the app will still be sitting on your phone. This, in turn, means, Facebook will still be able to keep a watch on you.

What’s your take on delete Facebook? Do you still use your account? Have you deleted it or just disabled? Put in your views in the comments box below.


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