Dell launches Windows 8 and Android Venue tablets in India

Dell has launched Windows 8 as well as Android Venue tablets for the Indian market. The Venue brand will be seen all over for the company as Dell Inc. makes an effort to get some market share from India. The markets are mostly dominated by Apple and Samsung followed by Lenovo.

The tablets will be priced between Rs. 10,990 and Rs. 47,000. To get more market share, the American company will need more retail stores to reach out to more customers. For this, Dell is taking things on a war footing and will have as many as 200 retail stores by the end of the next month.

Dell will be bringing out tablets that will run on Android 4.2 operating system. The devices will be available in 7-inch as well as 8-inch sizes. The cost of the devices will be Rs 10,990 and Rs 17,990, in that order.

However, the tabs for Windows will cost more, the reason being larger screen sizes. The 10-inch tab will come for a price of Rs. 26,990, while the 11-inch tab will be available for Rs. 46,000 to Rs. 47,000. These tabs will be available only with the Wi-Fi support. However, the company is planning to have devices that will support 3G features as well.

The users (and buyers) of the tabs will also get the same services that the laptop users get from Dell. The company will also be taking care of the device and offer exchange in case there are any issues with the performance. And yes, Dell will also cover any accidental damages to the gadgets.

Dell withdrew themselves from the Smartphone section a couple of years back and will be concentrating fully on the tablet segment. The US-based company is looking to expand their network of distribution to be able to sell more tablets in the coming days.

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