The design and screen size of Apple iPhone 6 finalized

Though the launch of the next generation of the iPhone – the Apple iPhone 6 is still a few weeks away, the design as well as the screen size of the device is reportedly finalized. There is still no official word from Apple and that’s why the rumormongers are going strong.

However, it looks like Apple has finalized how the latest iPhone may possibly look like. According to Timothy Arcuri, an analyst from Cowen & Co, the gadget may be built with a screen size of 4.8-inch. It will be well-matched and go well with faster Wi-Fi 802.11ac wireless standard.

The source of the information has been cited as the chain of the supply. It is likely that the device would be launched only in the month of September. However, some reports have also claimed that the iPhone 6 may be launched a bit earlier, either in the month of May or in June.

Timothy Arcuri also adds that Apple is also likely to bring in some ‘key software innovations’ in the upcoming update for the iOS. One of the major innovations will be the mobile payments. Today’s technologies like iBeacon, Touch ID and Password.

As a matter of fact, the introduction of 64-bit processor as well as the fingerprint scanner in the iPhone 5S was in the run up to the iPhone 6. This will make is possible for the newer services to be introduced and that will give an edge to these Smartphones in the market.

As far as the iPad is concerned, Arcuri mentioned that the gadget will have a 13-inch screen and will bridge the gap between the tablets and the PCs.

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