Difference between Joomla and WordPress

Joomla and WordPress are two of the most popular blogging platforms or web design applications that are used by hundreds of thousands of bloggers the world over. Though both are popular, there is Difference between Joomla and WordPress. Both platforms have their pros and cons, but still continue to serve the bloggers in their own way. If we were to say which of these two you should choose when blogging, it would be a matter of contention.

You should know the differences between them before proceeding which platform you should choose. Let us have a look at them.

Difference between Joomla and WordPress


If on one hand WordPress has flexibility developed to its core, on the other, Joomla comes with advanced features. The presence of advanced features with Joomla makes it easier to build websites that are more complex and that need individual rich functionalities.

But when it comes to WordPress, it will be easy even for a novice to build a quick website with easy navigation options by choosing built-in templates. Building niche-specific websites in WordPress may not be as easy as in Joomla.

difference between Joomla and WordPress
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User friendliness

The very first aspect when choosing between Joomla and WordPress, you should look out for user friendliness. By the way, both of them are the friends of the bloggers. But here, WordPress does have an edge over Joomla. The reason is simple enough. Be it a newbie blogger or a professional one, WordPress serves both of them equally.

Even if you are new to blogging or are an experienced blogger, you will find that navigation is one thing that is super easy as against Joomla. Joomla has a range of advanced features, which the new bloggers may not be accustomed to and that’s why, they may find Joomla a tad difficult.

Add-on usage

There is no doubt that add-on development is far better in Joomla than with WordPress. However, you must know that both Joomla and WordPress do have add-ons and development of the same is possible. However, the atmosphere in Joomla regarding add-ons is far more conducive than in WordPress. One reason is the API development.

difference between Joomla and WordPress
Image: Gadget Garrio

In Joomla the API development is pretty healthy and though WordPress does have the same feature, Joomla clearly has the edge.

Integration is easy in Joomla

It must be said that the integration process is certainly easier in Joomla than in WordPress. Even if there is the use of any third-party apps, Joomla sees to it that the integration isn’t difficult for the users. As mentioned above, the Joomla API is a loved and admired tool for many developers.

In this case, WordPress isn’t near Joomla as it primarily focuses on the console, with the ease of use. Like these, there are a quiet a few number of difference between Joomla and WordPress, but still both platforms are loved equally by users all over the world and have a loyal following.

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