Digg Reader will be live from June 26 for every user

Digg Reader will most probably be out before Google Reader ends and looks like it will be a certainty. June 26 is the date that is confirmed so that everyone can access the RSS aggregation tool from Digg. Digg Reader will be coming just four days before Google Reader stops once and for all. That will give time for users for switching over.

Digg had made an announcement in their blog that the RSS service would be brought as early as possible. The blog post also mentioned the date of release as June 26. The June 26 release will be the first edition of the Reader, which will be launched in phases. Presently, Digg will also bring out apps for primary Smartphone platforms.

The current version of the Digg Reader has been developed by a team comprising of five members and they took around three months to develop it as it is now seen. Justifiably, there will be limitations in the features and functionalities. Digg will focus on the power users that were on Google Reader.

They will be the class that will be most affected by the shutdown of Google Reader. There are many people who have to rely on the functions that a Reader provides and that too literally on a daily basis.

The Digg team says that they got feedback from 18,000 people and that helped them build this product better. From the feedback, it was obvious that the people wanted something that was fast yet simple. Another important thing was that as Google Reader will be shutting,

iPhone app for Digg Reader will soon be out. It will see some common features like subscription option, sharing the data, organizing it as well as saving. In a couple of months’ time, Digg will concentrate on developing apps for Android that can guarantee speed as well as incorporation with third-party services.

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