Do not get duped by the fake BBM apps for Android

BlackBerry had stopped BBM apps for Android after the online leak, however, the scamsters haven’t. The BlackBerry Messenger was to be released for the iPhone and Android platforms. However, if you have downloaded or may download could potentially be a fake app, that won’t be any less than malicious software.

Image: GadgetGarrio
Image: GadgetGarrio

A brief recap

In the month of May, BlackBerry had announced that the iPhone and Android users might soon get BBM. BlackBerry had also declared that the roll out of the BBM for Android will get underway from September 21 and from the next day for the iPhone users.

However, the company had to stop the release of the app due to an online leak. It was being reported that it was an unreleased version of BBM for Android. But in 8 hours, there were reportedly 1.1 million active users.

The unofficial release of BBM for Android

The problem started after the release of the unofficial version of the app. BlackBerry promptly made it clear that this unofficial version would be disabled. Moreover, they asked the users to visit their site for registering to keep themselves updated on the official Android for BBM.

Fake apps doing the rounds

Searching BBM of Google Play will throw some results that claim that the app comes from BlackBerry. That certainly looks a tempting prospect but just hold yourself before you do so. The official version isn’t out yet and installing any such app could only bring you in trouble as the possibility cannot be denied that the app might have malicious software as well.

A word of caution

Even when the official version releases from BlackBerry, make sure it is a valid one. Also review whatever the permissions are asked by the application. Don’t forget to crosscheck that any information about the app is true from the official web site of the company. Watch out for the comments other users have posted. This will help in establishing the facts about the app. More fake are likely to follow the official app once it is released.

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