Now edit comments and posts with the Facebook iOS update

The Facebook iOS update is here. The new option will now allow you to edit comments and posts after being published. And what’s more, you can now also add photos as a comment.

However, the edit option is available on the iPhone version of Facebook. Users will also be able to add icons on the timeline of other users, which is an option accessible with the English language.

In another major change in the update, Facebook for iOS app will offer a novel way of reaching to the Privacy Settings. The option can be currently accessed through the ‘More’ tab. Facebook will also show a symbol of a lock along with the name of the user. Tapping on the symbol opens the Privacy Settings, which is pretty similar to the web version of this Facebook symbol.Facebook-ios-6.6

Apart from these changes and the update, bugs have also been fixed. The update and the bug fixes will allow the users to have a better experience with Facebook and the mega social networking site also wants the same. In the last month, Facebook had made it possible to edit the comments on the posts on web version.

New features of the Facebook 6.6v at a glance:

  • The ability to add a photo as a comment
  • The ability to edit comments and posts
  • The ability to view the changes (only for iPhone)
  • The ability to navigate to the privacy shortcuts just by tapping the lock next to the name
  • The ability to express with icons when posted on someone’s time (only for the English language)
  • Fixed bugs for better performance and user experience

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