EE Harrier Tablet Review: Affordable Yet Worthwhile

If you are looking for a tab that is worth buying yet affordable then you must check out the EE Harrier tablet review. It is an all-rounder and comes with a price tag of £149.99 only, which means certainly within your limits.

EE Harrier Tablet Review

You will find many exciting features in the EE Harrier tablet that will give you more than one reason to own such a sweet gadget. So, what are the features? Here we take a look at the EE Harrier tablet review.


It is not as good looking as iPad Air 2, but keeping the price tag in mind it is quite stunning. It comes in grey plastic with a subtle brushed-metal effect on its back. It looks beautiful with the gold ring that surrounds the main camera sensor. Its grey edges are curved which helps in holding the tablet.

If you hold the tablet in the portrait mode, the power button and the volume rocker will be on the upper portion of the right edge. They are also grey which makes them difficult to spot. Not only that, but they are also difficult to feel which gets quite frustrating. It is quite prone to minor scratches even if you keep it in the backpack. You have to be careful when you carry the tablet as it is easily bendable.


There is a thin black seam that runs down at all four sides. It is very light weighting only 338 g. You can easily hold this 8.5 mm thick tablet with just one hand for hours.


Screen and Speakers

This tablet comes with an 8-inch Full HD display. Although its pixel density is 283 ppi, it still has a few shortcomings just like the other tablets in this price range as per the EE Harrier tablet review. It is not as vibrant as we would like it to be as black appears grey, red appears to be orange and rich blue is usually all washed out. Its viewing angles are excellent though. You can easily use the tablet even in the sunlight.


The EE Harrier tablet review says that the tablet has dual, front facing speakers which are extremely quiet. You would find it difficult to listen to anything if you are on the road. If you want to watch movies on this tablet, you should definitely invest in good headphones. Along with the EE Harrier tablet review, we have also reviewed the Bose SoundTrue Headphones and Five Noise Cancelling Earbuds That Cost Less Than $20.


Although it’s a budget tablet, it still chose Android 5.1 Lollipop to be its OS, which gives good weight to the EE Harrier tablet review. Its UI is quite simple and user friendly. It comes with very less bloatware and a few pre-installed apps. These apps cannot be deleted, but if you like you can hide them from your home screen.


This tablet runs on octa-core Snapdragon 615 processor with 2GB of RAM which makes this tablet very powerful. You can easily play the 3D games on it without making it slow. It gets a little hot while playing games, but nothing much that would make you put it down.


This tablet has a surprisingly 8-megapixel rear camera with an HDR mode. The front 2-megapixel camera is good for Skype video calls.

Battery Life

It has a 4,650 mAh battery which is not quite impressive. If you use it for watching TV shows, then you would have to charge it every other day. A full charge requires four hours of charging, says the EE Harrier tablet review.

Storage and Connectivity

This tab comes with a microSD card slot which helps in increasing the internal storage. It comes with 4G support, although no other tabs in this price offer this feature. It has LTE CAT 4 enabled which makes downloading much faster.

Sam Murray, who is a blog manager at cheapcontractphones tweeted that he is a fan of affordable tablets and the EE Harrier Tab is one such device that certainly falls into that category.

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