The engineering prototype of Nokia Normandy leaked

The Normandy Android phone from Nokia has been in the talks of late. And now, the prototype of the Nokia Normandy has been supposedly leaked in a purported image. The new image has spoken a lot of things, probably those too that Nokia didn’t want to expose that early.

The latest image emphasizes that the Android handset in question for some days, now really does exist. The source of the image seems to be @seamissu – a certain Chinese Twitter user. The user in question has said that the image is the one of the Nokia Normandy – the Nokia phone that was being rumored for a long time now.Nokia Normandy

The Twitter message reads “The engineering prototype of Nokia Normandy.” The image shows the name of the company “Nokia” on the screen, just in the same way when the device is switched on or off.

The image shows the ‘Back’ button just below the screen and it looks like the device will have a capacitive touch screen. As far as this image is concerned, it shows the device in a case. So, it is not possible to view the other physical features of the phone.

There was a rumored leaked image of the Nokia Normandy sometime early this month. The image showed an entirely custom made Android interface that run on top of the device. Apart from this, the image also shows dual-SIM support as well as lock screen notifications. There is also a login screen for Skype.

According to an earlier report, Nokia was reportedly working on a forked version of the OS, after getting the lead from Amazon. It was also reported that the company was tagging the phone as a low-cost phone that is equivalent with the Nokia Asha.

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