Five Best Entertainment Apps for Windows Phone

Entertainment is the name of the game. There are a growing number of mobile users in the world with Smartphones being popular and highly used. Load of apps are getting introduced daily and there is an ocean to choose from. Here are five of the best entertainment apps for Windows Phone.


As a Netflix registered user and the app, you can easily literally stream hundreds of thousands of videos directly to your phone. These videos can be movies or even your favorite television programmes. If you are a film buff, you will be easily able to find your favorite film as they are categorized.

Recently, Netflix was in the news for having a deal with Comcast to get online videos streaming even smoother. That will certainly add value to the presence of Netflix and its popularity.Netflix

Music Downloader

For the music crazy in you, the Music Downloader should be the first and the last choice. If you are worried about downloading pirated music, then relax. The app allows you to download legal music and that too totally free. So, if you are interested in listening to music on the go, Music Downloader should be your destination.Music Downloader

Video Downloader

After Music Downloader here is Video Downloader, another form of entertainment. As the title suggests, you can download videos absolutely free. Video Downloader works great for Windows Phone 8 as the app is specially built for such devices. One of the top features of the app is that there is offline playback available anytime anywhere. Moreover, you can also search more than one video web site simultaneously.Video Downloader


How can this list be completed without Bigflix? This is a must-have app and is easily your personal theater. Download the app and a range of movies from all categories will be available for streaming directly on your Windows Phone device. You can even watch movies from your favorite language, be it any Indian language, the English language movies or any other for that matter.Bigflix


With Spotify, there is access to more than 20 million music tracks, but on demand. You can build playlists and also download songs for your offline playback. Spotify allows you to follow friends and your favorite musicians. With a subscription of £9.99, you can use the app for a month’s time.Spotify

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