Eye-Tracking Startup Eyefluence Acquired by Google

Google buys Eyefluence, the Eye-tracking startup. Eyefluence builds products for the virtual reality with eye-tracking tech. Financial terms of the deal were not released.

Eye-Tracking Startup


Google knows, where to put its money efficiently and which startups to buy. Eyefluence, which is one of them, is an Eye-tracking startup that builds eye-tracking technology. The company basically builds for virtual and augmented reality. The company was established in the year 2013.

Eyefluence shared the news via a blog post. The blog post saying:

“Today, we are excited to announce that the Eyefluence team is joining Google!  With our forces combined, we will continue to advance eye-interaction technology to expand human potential and empathy on an even larger scale.  We look forward to the life-changing innovations we’ll create together!”

Google Daydream, whose VR was released for a price of $79, will hit the market next year. The headset has already gathered the attention before actually getting released. Daydream is basically a virtual reality headset with a bent over eye-tracking technology.

Unlike Tobii and SMI, Eyefluence’s competitors, the eye-tracking startup has concentrated completely on eye gestures and movements. The other companies use the eye gestures only for the signaling purpose in the interface. Imagine, you are working through the eyes completely. From opening a menu bar to closing a tab everything. Wouldn’t that take technology to a different level?

So how does Daydream actually work? The person wearing the headset with the augmented glasses on can work through his eye gestures. The eye is basically a mouse, wherever you look becomes your region of work. The eye is like a cursor that you take everywhere through your eye movement.

Google has always shown interests in these kinds of tech stuff. The amazing implementation of Artificial Intelligence in Pixel’s Google Assistant, which allows you playing trivia games, is a mark. Though the financial terms of the contract have not yet been released. We look forward to Google and Eyefluence in bringing up such next-gen products with unique features in the coming year.


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