Facebook provides 50 gender options to select from as ‘sex’

While registering online, we need to specify gender as ‘male’ or ‘female’. But Facebook has provided as many as 50 gender options to select from as ‘sex’. So, there are those options from which you can select your ‘sex’.

However, from the Valentine’s Day, Facebook has added various options like “androgynous” and “intersex” to select sex from. What’s more, Facebook will also be using a pronoun that is gender neutral. This means, if you are “waiting for him/her”, you will be waiting for “them”.

The example has been set at home. Brielle Harrison, who is software engineer with Facebook, is basically a male. However, he will soon be transformed from a male to a female. And this is the man who put in efforts to implement the new changes. There is no doubt that such changes, even in sex change doesn’t translate into anything for a lot of people. However, it means the entire world for the person in question.

As far as the new options to select ‘sex’ from, they were going to be available only for the people in North America. However, people from the United Kingdom were also to see the list of the 50 options that Facebook has added. So, they should be rolled out in other parts of the world, sooner than later.

This huge list of 50 sex options was generated after getting in touch with a number of people as well as groups who were transgender and gay. Most importantly, Facebook has a feature that will allow the users to keep this information totally confidential.

There is no doubt that the transgender issues are getting more serious by the day. Even Google has added the ‘other’ option for their users to select the ‘sex’ from.

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