Facebook app for iOS now comes with status icons

Facebook app for iOS some key features via its update. It’s the 6.2 version of the application for the iPod Touch, the iPad as well as for the iPhone. The important changes are the status icons to go with the enhanced privacy features.

The update has now given you the power to edit the privacy settings of your post. This will allow only specific people to view your post. You can also choose from the list of people who should view your posts.
To do this, you will just have to use the drop-down menu when you have to write an update. You can easily tweak the privacy settings according to your wish for a certain update.

The new update allows you to add the status icons to your updates. Facebook was testing the status composer almost from the start of the year. It was found to be working properly only in the month of April.
As far as India is concerned, it has become active towards the fag end of the last month. So the Indian users now can also add such status update icons to their Facebook accounts with iOS.

You can literally use update icons for anything you want – what you are doing, having for lunch, what movie you watched or which drink is your favorite one. There are smileys and special icons from Facebook to choose from. Now you can even add an image to your updates.

To do this, you will have to reach the status composer and you can carry out all the above-described steps from there. The new update also allows you starting a new conversation from the images that one gets in messages.

Head to the App Store to get the Facebook app for iOS.

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