Facebook Connectivity Lab Build Drones to Offer Internet

With Facebook Connectivity Lab, Facebook is looking forward to building drones, which will be flying around in the sky as well as satellites for beaming the internet to the entire world. The mega social networking site will also be making use of infrared lasers for the same purpose.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook will be making a lab and will bring together a team of engineers that will enable people to connect to the internet down on the earth.

Mark Zuckerberg speaks

The details were revealed by Mark Zuckerberg. It is understood that this specific team of Facebook consists of “many of the world’s leading experts in aerospace and communications technology.” This emphasizes the fact that Facebook is taking the project very seriously indeed. And yes, this does remind us of the Project Loon by Google, which is parallel to Facebook Connectivity Lab.Facebook Drone

The Facebook lab is studded with scientists already and they are now adding Ascenta – a British company to the list. It is this company that had played a major role in developing the longest solar-powered unmanned aircraft in the world.

Project Loon

At Project Loon, the idea is to provide access to internet to the hinterlands through balloons at high altitudes. There is a high possibility of benefits for Google if their project happens to expand and work according to their estimates. The Google balloons will also be flying over Indian skies.

Google Fiber

It is not only Project Loon for Google, but they are also working on expanding the reach of the high-speed internet through landlines via their service called Google Fiber. Google had plans to bring in the project to 34 cities in its initial phase.

The announcement from Facebook has come just a couple of days after it acquired a startup, called Oculus. With this, Facebook is looking forward to using the gaming headset as a means of taking its network to virtual reality.

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