Facebook Conversation Topic Gluing Users to FB App

Facebook has come up with a unique feature Facebook conversation topic. It is trying to make people converse more & break the ice. Not yet open for everyone, though.

Facebook Conversation Topic

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Facebook’s creative team has always come up with unique features. These features always do attract its users. This time, Facebook has brought a feature – the Facebook conversation topic, to make its users busy conversing! An iOS user of Facebook and messenger last weekend noticed this feature on her app installed.

So what does this new feature do? According to Chris Messina (the user who found out about the feature) below every friend’s name in the messenger, there is a recent activity of that particular person.

For example, if a friend is interested in an activity, say Coldplay concert in Delhi and has marked going in that particular event, then the others can see the event details below her name in the messenger app. That’s a smart move by Facebook! Automatically people will start conversing with each other after knowing that they share the same interests.

Facebook conversation topic is a wise step to glue its messenger app users with the app. Facebook wants its social networking site users to get involved more and more in the messenger app. Facebook indeed wants you to converse more. And have an ice breaking session with all your Fb friends!
The Facebook conversation topic also lets the other friends know their recent activity. Now no more scrolling down to check your friend’s recent activity. Energy saved!

The feature not only shows your activity but also where have you been holidaying in the past few days, what songs have you been listening to and much more.

There has not been any formal announcement about the feature yet. Chris Messi in the previous month also noticed Rooms in messenger. Rooms are like group chats, that used to be a feature of Yahoo messenger years ago! Room is a great feature that involves many people to discuss on topics of same interests!

The Facebook conversation topic feature is not open for many of the users. Just like the Messenger Day feature. Also, it’s currently in the testing phase. So many of the users won’t be able to have a glimpse of this feature!

Tell us how did you like this feature. Share your thoughts with us.


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