Facebook now delivering online ads directly

Facebook has now started delivering online ads directly to the mobile software apps, which function outside their network. This move will improve the significance of the ads as well as make more opportunities of making money to the app developers.

Facebook has long ago given signals that they would also have an online ad network, much like the Google’s Adsense. The ad network will be delivering ads on the mobile devices with innumerable third-party web sites coming into the picture.

However, the idea to create and manage that sort of network probably seems to have leapfrogged. Google will also be facing the challenge that already has the Android mobile OS that very effectively serves ads on a plethora of devices like the tablets and Smartphones.

Facebook is currently busy with a ‘test’, says a spokeswoman of the company. The largest social networking company and a small group of advertisers along with application developers are currently working on a certain project. Facebook will be delivering the ads directly, through this test project, instead of using any other ad network.

However, there was limited information about the project and there were no details given out immediately. But, it looks like the mega social networking site is now targeting the ads that are outside the mobile apps, said Sriram Krishnan. Sriram Krishnan works with the mobile and ads platform of the company.

Facebook collects information about the users and the surfing habits. So, it becomes easier for them to deliver targeted ads – ads that the users will be genuinely interested in viewing. Facebook is also looking forward to offering the ability for other business parties.

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