Facebook facelifts: Indians want a profile pic worth a lakh

Through Facebook facelift, Indian users on Facebook want a just the right profile pic even if it is worth a lakh. There is a tagline that reads, “If you don’t look good on Facebook, then how will you make contacts?” The line comes from a video that talks about a new trend and inclination in India that is termed as a Facebook facelift.

According to this video, the people who are in their mid-20s and mid-30s are said to be eager to shell out over Rs. one lakh for the picture perfect in their profile. They believe, the first impression is the last impression and with a good profile picture, contacting someone for business proposals holds great meaning.Facebook

One of the Facebook users, Rahul Khanna, wants liposuction procedure for the reason that according to his Facebook friends, he must look a tad thin in the pictures that are on the social networking site.

There is another Facebook user, Kavita Rana, who claims to have got some positive comments in Facebook after she had gone through the laser work as well as chemical peel carried out on her face.

Procedures like the one that Kavita carried out can cost anything from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 30,000. However, when it comes to corrections like chin augmentation and removing the double-chin, the cost can cross the six-figure mark as well.

However, there is another potential option for the above processes – Photoshop. Using Photoshop, it is damn easy to make whatever corrections one feel in the image. Then why aren’t people resorting to simple Photoshop tricks instead of spending such a huge amount of money?

Rashmi recently underwent a surgery to remove the black bump on her cheek. However, she is not ready to digitally remove the bump. She feels it will be cheating to do so. Even if the image on the profile does not show the bump, it still exists in real life. And what about meeting people in person? The bump will show up. It is better to go under the knife.

According to some surgeons, the trend in India will only keep on increasing as there are a lot of people from India who are now online.

The names used in this article are just for the sake of examples.

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