Facebook and Google deny compromising personal data

After the report that some big companies were providing personal data through PRISM, big players like Facebook and Google have come forward to say that they aren’t the ones compromising on personal data.

We had yesterday reported about the Big Data and how the data of the customers could be used for various personal analyses.

There has been quite an uproar in the United States over the US administration keeping a track of the information and that too secretly.

Cutting themselves off the PRISM, the code name of this secret tracking program, Google and Facebook have said that they were never aware of any such program.

They added that they, in fact, got aware of any such thing only after the news became a national headline.
Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, came out strongly against these ‘allegations’ against the largest social networking site in the world.

He said that he never got any orders about sharing the information with anyone and they weren’t doing such a thing even with the US administration.

He further added that even if they were to receive such orders, they would fight it.

Google has also come out strongly against the reports in their official blog saying that they haven’t joined any such program.

The official blog also read that the US administration doesn’t have direct or even backdoor access to the information on the company’s servers.

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