Facebook Graphic News to be Added More on the Site

Facebook to add more posts that are newsworthy. Even if they violate the standards of FB. The Facebook graphic news was announced on Friday on a blog post.

Facebook Graphic News Announced


Facebook is the biggest social networking site. People start their day with Facebook posts and statuses. Facebook does play an important role in sharing views and news. It can vastly change a person’s mindset as well as their thoughts. Facebook announced that they’ll include more graphics. It should be newsworthy to get shared. The Facebook graphic news was announced on Friday via a blog post.

The blog post by Joel Kaplan and Justin Osofsky, who are the Vice-Presidents of Facebook stated.

“We’re going to begin allowing more items. That people find newsworthy, significant, or important to public interest. Even if they might otherwise violate our standards. Our intent is to allow more images and stories without posing safety risks or showing graphic images to minors and others who do not want to see them.”

Facebook in the past has removed posts and graphics stating that they were offensive. But in reality, they were only sharing awareness. But how did Facebook realize that posting awareness is not offensive, even if they do not follow the standards of Facebook?

This all started with on Friday when the social networking site apologized. They apologized for removing a video. The video was only about the awareness of breast cancer. The video showed on how to check suspicious lumps and more. The video was completely useful for every woman. Yet the images were flagged offensive. Later they apologized stating that the move was due to an error.

Facebook is against posting nudity or preachings against humanity. It definitely removes posts that give a tinge of violation of their code of rules. But later or sooner Facebook has understood that every post that do not fall under their code of rules are offensive. Every post that violates the standards of Facebook should not be taken down. As they can be educational or against war.

Facebook has about 1.7 billion users. And the new FB Conversation topic is one feature that will surely keep users glued to their FB app. Everything that organizations of big brands posts do influence  every user in some or the other way. Facebook graphic news is a sign to prove that Facebook does support awareness. It totally depends on the post that Facebook takes down from now onwards. So, the post should either follow the standards. Or if they violate the standards, they should have a knowledge gaining content. A content that does not harms a religion’s sentiments or preaches inhumanity.


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