Facebook may introduce ‘Sympathize’ button for gloomy updates

‘Like’ – the thumbs up button has become the identity of Facebook. However, now Facebook is contemplating having a ‘Sympathize’ button for gloomy and sad updates.

There are many times when users stumble upon updates that are sad and heartbreaking. At times there are turns of unfortunate events like a death in the family, an accident, or any such bad thing that may need ‘sympathy’. This is the idea behind having a ‘Sympathize’ button.Facebook

Hitting the ‘Like’ button at such time doesn’t really look good. However, people do indeed want to show sympathy towards their online friend. The best option in this case would be having the ‘Sympathize’ button.

‘Liking’, at times doesn’t sound good when there are unfortunate turn of events. However, as there are very limited choices at the moment, the users are forced to go for what is served to them. In fact, ‘Liking’ miserable news will never go well with anyone in real life. And this is where the ‘Sympathize’ button comes in the picture.

The ‘Sympathize’ button is an idea of a Facebook engineer as reported by the Huffington Post. It is said that if a certain Facebook users tags his status like any negative emotion, the ‘Like’ button will be replaced by the ‘Sympathize’ button.

However, there is yet time for the ‘Sympathize’ button to show up on the site. Until then users will have to deal with an awkward way of communicating with unfortunate developments.

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