Facebook Lite Android App Available in India for Download

The Facebook Lite Android app is now available for download for India users. The app was launched in a limited launch in some parts of the Asian continent a few days back in this month. With the launch of this app, it will help Facebook users more than ever.

Facebook Lite Android App

The app is specially designed for the emerging markets and India certainly happens to be one of the markets that deserve this app. Facebook Lite Android app will be useful for the regions where the internet connection is blotchy. The app will also aid in connecting to the social network more efficiently.

As a matter of fact, another advantage of having this app is that it will consume lesser data than before thus saving users valuable data charges. Moreover, it is designed to work on 2G networks too.

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Downloading the App

The app is available for download from Google Play India. You can download the app from here.

Taking the slow connections into account in a country like India, the app itself is less than 1MB in size – 435KB – to be specific.

However, Facebook Lite Android app doesn’t support advanced location services as well as videos.

Designing this Facebook Lite Android app will help more Facebook users as connecting to the social networking will be easier than before. Even working on a 2G network will not be that tiresome as it used to be before.


How Can The App Serve?

One of the best features of the app is that it will still allow you to access almost the whole of Facebook that you can access normally. Facebook Lite will allow users to comment on News Feed, post Status Update and receive notifications.

Apart from this, users can also view and share photos, message friends and initiate group conversations.

Further Expansion

The Facebook Lite Android app will see further expansion in other parts of the world in the near future. That includes Africa, Europe and Latin America. This was disclosed by Vijay Shankar, who is Facebook Lite’s Product Manager.

The notion behind having the Facebook Lite Android app is to give users more options, especially in the regions where there isn’t sufficient internet speed to use the Facebook app normally. Mr. Shankar added that there are about one billion people in the world who use Facebook app on a variety of devices and on varying internet speed.

Slow networks in various parts of the world do not allow users to use the full range of Facebook features. Keeping that in mind, the development of Facebook Lite will indeed help such users.

There are networks in some areas that are so slow that they cannot offer the entire functionalities of Facebook as some features do not load at so low speed. The birth of Facebook Lite Android app was specifically to address such issues.

This means low bandwidth will not be a problem for access Facebook Lite.

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