Facebook Messenger App: Facebook Tries To Clear Doubts

Facebook messenger app has had some problems with their users for some days now. The mega social networking site has come forward to clear the doubts of the users.

When Facebook launched the app, it asked the users to sign up. This didn’t go too well with the users and that was understandably enough to make them go on a criticizing spree.

Facebook Messenger App

Some users asked Facebook to have a distinct messenger app, when there was already the Facebook official app. On the other hand, some people complained that the new app was capable of accessing information and even turn the camera on.

However, the social site has come forward, in writing, defending the Facebook messenger app and explaining why the app was introduced. Facebook has even refuted the allegations made against their app.

Peter Martinazzi, who works with the Facebook messenger app team, has written the post that explains all the doubts and most importantly the reason to have a separate messaging app. The reason mentioned for the app is to revert to the messages for saving valuable time.

Facebook messenger app

The post further mentions that they are trying to have a Facebook messenger app that is fun and fast to use. That is the reason why Facebook wants to focus on their messenger and to take the messages out of Facebook app.

There has been an observation that when people are using the messenger, they tend to respond about 20 per cent faster. Facebook believes having the Facebook messenger app will prove to be time-saving and different for them. The messaging app will have stickers and chat groups too.

Adding more about the app, Facebook said they do request permission for running certain futures on your devices. These permissions include, sending photos and videos, making calls and voice messaging.

An example is of sending a selfie to your contact. If you need to do so, Facebook messenger app will first need to have your go ahead to switch the camera on, which can then shoot your selfie.

Finally, it added that the mic or the camera isn’t fired if the app isn’t running. It is now the hope that Facebook messaging app will be seen in the right spirit.

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