Facebook Messenger App: Facts You Should Be Aware of

There are a lot of myths going around about the Facebook messenger app. All the bad (and also the good) things are being talked about the app from the largest social networking in the world.

Why are people concerned about Facebook messenger app?

Well, the concern about the Facebook messenger app isn’t for nothing. Actually, of late, Facebook has been making efforts to make (force) people to accept the messenger app. This is what makes many people of the view that this is all very persistent.

A blog post from Huffington Post is doing the rounds about Facebook messenger app on various social networks on the web. The article speaks about the app having the ability to give Facebook ‘direct control over your mobile device’.

That is not end of the supposed problems for Facebook messenger app users. Facebook is also able to make calls without the permission or intervention of the user. There are also myths that the app sends text messages as well. However, none of this is true.

One of the myths about Facebook messenger app is that you need the messenger for sending messages to Facebook friends. However, there is no need to do this. The messages can be sent to Facebook friends without even having the messaging app.

Facebook messenger app

The best thing about using the Facebook messenger app is that the terms of the services is the same for the entire range of mobile apps.

To read more about the terms and policies reach here.

Another thing what many people feel troubled about using Facebook messenger app is the microphone. The app indeed needs your permission if it needs to use the camera and the phone. However, it may need access to these features of the phone as the mic is needed for voice calling. Sound can be sent along with videos.

So how long has been Facebook messenger app been around? As Huffington Post has been viral for a while now, many people may have about the app now. However, the app has been around for almost three years now – since 2011.

But, it has just been since April that it wants the users in Europe to download and install Facebook messenger app. Facebook would also be making it obligatory to do this for users around the world.

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