Facebook Messenger With Data Saver Mode; Go Facebooking

Facebook never disappoints its users in bringing new and extraordinary ideas. Facebook Messenger to get Data Saver mode. Now save more data with this mode on.

Facebook Messenger Combines with Data Saver Mode


Almost every person sitting next to you is a Facebook addict. A day without data leaves all of us paranoid. Saving data is the next agenda of Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook has finally come up with a Data Saver plan. Giving a sigh of relief to Messenger addicts! The Facebook Messenger soon to get Data Saver mode. 

We all have Facebook app installed on our phones. If not then install the Messenger app as soon as possible. Because this Data Saver mode feature works only with the Messenger app.

So how does this work? Usually, we all have seen whenever we receive a message, which could be anything like a text, image, video or GIF, the video, images that come to us through Messenger gets auto downloaded. This causes unwanted data usage. Facebook Messenger has finally got us a feature of data saving.

The setting tab in the Facebook Messenger has a data saving option. Once the data saving option is on, data filtering will be activated. Data filtering hides the data-consuming contents. These contents are large and data consuming and won’t get downloaded without your acceptance.

But can we later come back to check what the data consuming content is? Yes, if you want to check it, you just need to click the content. And it will open up wide to you.

Moreover, a data counter has been attached to the Facebook Messenger app. It counts the data saved while the Data Saver mode was on. You can even analyze how much data you have saved. The Facebook Messenger Data Saver mode works only with data plans. Wi-Fi is not applicable for this mode.

Facebook is leaving no space for the reasons that can hamper its Facebook Messenger. Share us your thoughts on this new feature of Data Saver mode.


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