Facebook Messenger Day: What’s New in this Release?

Facebook never disappoints on showing up new features. This time, it’s the Facebook Messenger Day, ready to get head-on with the popular Snapchat stories.

Facebook Messenger Day

Facebook Messenger Day

The trend of “Snapchat story” is at its peak. In return, Facebook has come up with Facebook Messenger Day to take on Snapchat stories. Recently Facebook Messenger had added the Polling and Payments features in its latest update.

Facebook has always come up with great features to retain its success. From Facebook reaction buttons to 360-degree features, it has always shown creativity. This time, the company has added the Messenger Day feature on its board. This feature lets the user upload a photograph or video, that’ll stay uploaded just for the day. This attribute of Facebook has a vast resemblance to the Snapchat stories. Probably, this is not just a mere resemblance. Facebook has officially worked on, to battle the dominance of Snapchat stories!

For using the Messenger Day, one needs to have Facebook Messenger installed in its phone. This feature appears on top of the conversation list in Facebook messenger. One can share videos and photographs from this feature. You can add Graphics or animated text to highlight the media they’ve uploaded to it.

Comparing it with the real Snapchat feature, Facebook hasn’t added the most trending features yet, to the Facebook Messenger Day. Like the selfie face effects that are the most ‘in-demand’ features. The Snapchat photo filters were also quite popular when they were launched, but were tagged to be not original. Adding such incredible features would surely affect the dominance of Snapchat stories.

Face-swapping MSQRD app

Facebook had announced earlier that users could soon be able to go live using the face-swapping MSQRD app. The users can also utilize different Snapchat-like masks and filters while the video is running. Users can even invite a friend to for a live broadcast. This feature will be available from this year.

Facebook has always shown up in making its new features, a success. The company also takes care of, if any sort of bug appears in the feature. The same is expected for the Messenger Day feature as well. Tell us how did you the new feature of Facebook Messenger Day on the comments section!


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