Facebook Messenger Brings Polling and Payments Features

Facebook Messenger added two new features to its Group Chat Zone – Polls and Payments. Now you can take polls from your friends and pay them easily!

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Recently, Facebook Messenger updated two new features for its Android and iOS users. It added the options of Polling and Payments in the Group Chat zone. These features have been introduced only in the U.S., as of now; but if they work well, they might make their entry into other countries as well. The whole idea behind this recent update is Facebook’s attempt ‘to make the lives of Messenger users easier’.

The options of Polling and Payments are available only for Group Chats (as polling between two friends on an individual chat might seem totally pointless!). If you and your friends want to decide upon a movie to watch or a place to go for a vacation, and eventually pay your expenses for the same; then these applications might come handy.The “Polls” feature is the modified version of Facebook’s original Polls feature, which was introduced in 2007, and then later discarded, and the Facebook Questions Feature, which was launched in 2010 as a tool for News Feed sharing.

You can spot this feature on the “Message” options bar above the composer, or on clicking the “More” option. This unique application completely befits the Facebook Messenger App, where, every now and then, people organize get-togethers and take each other’s opinions on absolutely anything. And one can say that its success is inevitable in the days to come.

Facebook Messenger

For making money exchange between friends slightly easier, Facebook Messenger has introduced the “Payments” feature in its “Chat Assist” option. This feature operates on machine learning to scan any message between friends that might indicate a payment, or a money transaction. For example, indicators like “IOU”, “You need to pay me $10”, etc., will instantly catch the Messenger’s attention and cast a “Payment” button, right below the message. This will not only remind you when to pay your friends, but also enable you to make the payment right away, by using your credit/debit card, or any other payment option.

The “Payments” feature is definitely a step-up from Facebook’s previous friend-to-friend payments feature that was launched in March this year, which directed any payment to chatbots and caused inconvenience to the users. It is an attempt by Facebook to make payments a smooth part of the conversation between friends and not causing any discomfort. It is also much more convenient than apps like Venmo, Square Cash and PayPal which only deal with payments and aren’t available to all.

Facebook Messenger has definitely stepped up its game by introducing the “Polls” and “Payments” features. These features will be useful in the long run and will make the chatting experience of users, much easier and fun!

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