Facebook to roll out Graph Search for more users

Facebook will be rolling out the Graph Search for more users that starts today. At the mega social networking site, people who matter think that it is high time the Graph Search becomes a part of the user profile. This feature should be, in fact, the feature for every Facebook user.

The users who have set the language to US English will be among the first to get the rollout. The rollout is targeted at bringing about improvements as well as speed in a search.

The search feature had been rolled out for a specific number of users. These users were those who had signed up for the same in January 2013. However, according to some reports, the company will bring the feature out for its members in the United States.Facebook
Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, has termed the new feature as the ‘third pillar’ of Facebook.

With this new tool, it will be easier to find the old information that stays buried beneath. Be it months old photos or something important that you remember only half from your friend’s feed, you will be able to find all that.

The search feature can be easily found. It rests at the top of the pages and is easy to spot as it is a bigger bar. It allows searching certain queries and displays the pertinent result.

This new feature was under construction for almost six months now. And after testing it, it is ready to get set. Facebook will give the first priority to the users of the US English. People who aren’t using the US English will also get the new feature but not immediately.

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