Facebook status comes at a cost of $80,000

Facebook statuses are changed innumerable times. But if one such Facebook status costs $80,000, what would you call it?

As a matter of fact, a wrongful post on the social networking site has cost a father $80,000. A Facebook status that spoke about the termination settlement with Gulliver Preparatory by Dana Snay made her father pay the aforementioned amount.Facebook, Facebook logo

Patrick Snay, Dana Snay’s father had initially sued a school that had made discrimination in the age. Patrick had won $90,000 in all. $10,000 was for wages and the remaining sum was for the settlement. According to the agreement, Dana’s father was supposed to keep the agreement undisclosed from her.

However, Patrick Snay reported exactly the thing that he was meant to keep top secret. This was one of the conditions which Patrick Snay had agreed to. Actually, it was reported in Newser that, he had ‘needed to tell her something’.

As if that wasn’t enough, the daughter, in her excitement, wrote on Facebook that her parents had won a case against Gulliver Preparatory. She further added that it will now be Gulliver Preparatory who will be paying for her trip to Europe.

These developments were enough for the school to not pay anything to the Snays. Patrick Snay was supposed to keep it a secret from his daughter and he spoke exactly those things. An appeals judge agreed that Patrick Snay had violated the agreement of confidentiality.

No need to mention that the school never had to pay the settlement due as the matter was exposed in the public and more importantly, Dana came to know about it.

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