Facebook shaves ad choices to simplify marketing tools

Facebook has acknowledged that there was confusion over its marketing tools, which the largest social network was making an effort to avoid.

Lots of ad alternatives simply meant confusion to the advertisers and marketers. Facebook is looking forward to the revamp with a view to pushing their revenue upwards.

However, there will still be ads on the right panel of the web page as well as in the newsfeed of a user. But, there will be a decrease in the number of options marketers can now select, what is termed “ad units”.

Fidji Simo, who is the Facebook product manager for ads, has said that it must be admitted that every ad product is excellent on its own part. However, the ads as a whole are lesser than the sums of these parts. Things should be simpler, Fidji Simo added.

The new changes will be soon rolled out. Some of them will be seen in the next few weeks, while for some, it may take even months.

According to Facebook, the streamlined system will have no effect on the pricing. However, they didn’t comment on what sort of effect it will have on the revenue.

The efforts are being made after Facebook experienced a prickly slowdown in earnings in the last year. The mega social site earns about 85% of its entire revenue only through ads.

Also keeping in mind the increasing number of users who access Facebook through mobile phones and Smartphones. Facebook will be bringing out various ad formats that would suit mobile handsets.

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