Facial Recognition At Tokyo Olympics: Great Initiative For Security

Tokyo Olympics will have facial recognition feature. This facial recognition at Tokyo Olympics is out of the way concept for ensuring better security.

Facial Recognition At Tokyo Olympics

After recently introducing facial recognition feature at the airport, Japan has a new plan. Big events like Olympics, Commonwealth games deserve impeccable security system so that no one is hurt. The Olympics organizer in Tokyo has taken an extraordinary initiative for added security. With the facial recognition feature, the viewers and the players will have a peace of mind. This is to provide additional security and make everyone feel safe and sound.

The number of faces that are going to be scanned will not be less than 400000. It is a huge number when considering the fact that it is the first time ever. Japan is the hub of technological advancements and innovation. With this facial recognition at Tokyo Olympics, the country again proves that it is the master of all later innovations.

Highlight of the facial recognition at Tokyo Olympics

  • It will scan through easily and ensures the maintenance of security
  • Participants and the journalists will reach the spot they need to in a shorter span of time
  • Tailgating or forced entry won’t be possible

Terrorist attacks have been known to be a matter of concern in every part of the world. They happen mostly in crowded areas. In order to maintain the decorum, this has been used. Moreover, whatever wait time people had to spend during the entry will be minimized. All credits to the innovative and impeccable technology in place. It is also faster and more convenient.

How it will work

Well, the inclusion of facial recognition at Tokyo Olympics will work very effectively. Each of the athletes and journalists and other important people will get an identity card which will have the photo that is captured in the facial recognition software. The facial recognition technology will come into the picture once people start entering certain areas. The equipment will scan the image in the file with that on the identity card. If they don’t match or it looks like someone else is wearing it, an alert alarm will signal or something fishy. This will ensure that the security personals are alert and start investigation instantly. Don’t you think this is going to be a game changer for the world?

Facial recognition at Tokyo Olympics will inspire many countries in upcoming events. The technology used is that of NEC’s.

How effective is the tool?

The facial recognition system is so accurate that most of the companies have used it in the past. They have used it to recognize between identical twins, people who have undergone plastic surgery etc. You can, now understand how accurate the result can be. Facial ID is a confidential data and although a few may object to undergo this recognition practice, not many will object to it. After all, the motive is to make the city and the surrounding safe and secure for everyone.

We should wait to see if the result is going to be positive.



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