Fake Google Apps Sitting Pretty on Windows Phone Store

Another scam is raising its head and some fake Google apps were seen on the Windows Phone Store. Some days ago, we had reported about a scam that could potentially steal your Gmail information.

Fake Google Apps

As far as Windows Phone platform is concerned, it has a negligible market share in the world of only around 5% as of this year. The miniature market share didn’t rope in too many app developers from around the app developers community. Google is a prominent community of developers.

Though Google has a mountain of apps, there is only one of it available with the Windows Phone Store and that is Google Search. The less popularity of Google apps on Windows Phone Store has given a chance to some notorious people out there to have fake Google apps there.Google Apps

However, there were nearly six Google apps – all of them fake – were spotted on the Microsoft’s store. These fake apps were

  • Hangouts
  • Google+
  • Google Maps
  • Google Voice
  • Google Search
  • Gmail

Comes At A Price…

There was hue and cry about these fake apps when they carried a price tag of $1.99, which is totally unacceptable for the simple reason that Google provides all the above-mentioned apps entirely free over Google Play Store for the Android and iOS phones. The name of developer of these apps was Google, Inc.

On Android, the developer’s name is Google Inc. (mark the difference between the two names as on Android the name comes sans a comma).

It needs little mention what damage a fake app can do. A location of the user can be tracked apart from invading on the user’s privacy. This can lead to more damages when the privacy and sensitive data of the user lands in the hands of wrong people. But the good news is that it must now be mentioned that the fake Google apps have promptly been removed and they no longer exist on the Windows Phone Store.

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