Fake Xiaomi Mi Power Bank Selling More than Original

There are more fake Xiaomi Mi Power Bank units in the market than the original ones, complains Xiaomi. Making counterfeit devices these days is not that difficult when even fake currency notes can be so easily brought in the market. That could be a great matter of concern for the company.

Fake Xiaomi Mi Power Bank

Xiaomi has made progress by leaps and bounds. The handset production company displayed its potential through various handsets they released so far. There was no doubt that it had a bright and a long future.

So, what stopped Xiaomi from making progress and reaching the level that it should have now? The answer is simple – fake products like the fake Xiaomi Mi Power Bank.

Fake Sales

The Chinese Smartphone maker is not at all happy with the developments. According to them, the fake sales are stopping their original products to enter the market. The estimate sale for the last year was nearly 30 million units. However, due to the high amount of fake Xiaomi Mi Power Bank in the market, they could achieve a figure of only 14.6 million units.


According to the CEO of Xiaomi Lei Jun, if there hadn’t been any sales of the fake Xiaomi Mi Power Bank, the original Xiaomi units would have sold more than two times, or even three times. The CEO’s statement was quoted by Bloomberg.

More about Xiaomi Mi Power Bank

Xiaomi has three iterations of the Mi Power Bank with various configurations. The prices of these models range between $7.91 and $21. Now, if this price is calculated with the fake Xiaomi Mi Power Bank, it is estimated that the Chinese company has at least lost – or may be even more – $110 million.

Past Sales for Xiaomi Products

Whichever products Xiaomi have launched until now, have seen a warm response from the consumers. The company has almost always managed to hook the customers to their genuine and quality products.

The next plans for Xiaomi include continuing with their current plans of products like routers, TV sets as well as Smartphones.

The Chinese Smartphone maker has completed five years in the industry. The company is also doing good business in India as they had last year entered the Indian market. It remains to be seen how many fake Xiaomi Mi Power Bank units were sold here.

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