Faster Image Sharing: Insert Photos in Gmail

There is no end to innovation as Google has proved it by the ‘Insert Photos’ feature in Gmail, which will allow faster image sharing than before. There was an update last year that there would be new avatar and features to Gmail.

Faster Image Sharing

Not many might have noticed, but Google has introduced a new feature in Gmail – Insert Photos. With this new feature, Google made photo sharing even easier than before. It now requires just a few clicks and it’s done. The latest feature makes it possible for the users to insert the photos that are backed to Google+ from either the Android or iOS Smartphones.

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Using the ‘Insert Photos’ feature

When the feature button is clicked, it will display a grid with the available images in ‘Auto Backup’. These are the images in the Google+ account of the user. The most recent photos are shown first.

“Starting today, you can save time and insert your Auto Backup photos from your phone into Gmail messages” is a statement from the product manager of Gmail. The statement can also be found on the official blog of the company

Gmail Insert Photos
Image: Gadget Garrio

Uploading the images

Users will be able to upload a single image or an entire album as well. The images can be uploaded from your PC or an image URL.

Gmail Insert Photos
Image: Gadget Garrio

Resizing the images

It is possible to resize the image according to your choice. Like it has been traditionally done, you can resize the image by holding the corner of the pictures and dragging it until it suits you.

You can make the image ‘Small’, keep the ‘Original size’ or ‘Best fit’ it. And yes, there is also the option to ‘Remove’ the image if you feel so.

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