Father’s Day Discounts on Gear Devices from Samsung

There are a lot of Father’s Day Discounts from Samsung in its Gear lineup. Some of them are really worth grabbing if you are a Samsung fan.

Father’s Day Discounts

Father's Day Discounts

Samsung has brought out some alluring Father’s Day discounts on this occasion today. We had earlier shared Mother’ Day tips ideas, especially in the techie niche, so you can gift your mother the best gift. Be it your father or mother, these two people are the most important in your life who mold you throughout. And celebrating their day with a tech gift is the perfect occasion.

Samsung has brought out quite a few alluring deals so you can gift a beautiful gadget with some heavy Father’s Day discounts. So, here we go with any of them from the Gear series. The Gear S2 Classic smartwatch is currently displayed with a cool 33% discount. This means you can grab the smartwatch for just INR 15,900. However, you will have to make do with only the black color. The Gear Live offers the best discount with a whopping 75% of cut. This can be yours at just INR 3,999.

Grab Discounted Earphones Too

Gear IconX

It’s not only the smartwatches. Samsung has seen to it that there are discounts on the earphones too. The Gear IconX brings along a cool discount of 41%. This brings down the price of the earphones for just INR 7,990.

The Gear Circle, which happens to be the cheapest of them all is also listed for a discount. The Circle that otherwise costs INR. 5,490 can now be yours at INR. 2,990. This gives you 45% of discount.

So, what product would you be interested in for these Father’s Day discounts? Are you aware of any other such discounts? Do not forget to put down your comments in the comments section below. We will love to hear back from you.


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