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There are many groups and communities online that help spread the word. Creating groups and communities make it easier to share stuff with friends and family. So, here is one from my side. I have got five IB friends in the “Personal Blog” category. All of them are members of the IB community and are excellent in their own way.

It would be great if all of us get more out of our efforts. And who wouldn’t like that. It is a small effort on my part to spread the word about IndiBloggers  (as IB does not force us to have their link or badge on our blogs). So, why not help each other along with our favorite blogging community?

  • You can vote only once per entry.
  • Anyone can vote and see the results. So, vote more and more and also spread the word about it as much as you can.
  • Once you vote, you cannot change your vote. So, be sure to cross-check whom who are voting.
  • The winner with the most votes will get a link to his/her blog. It will be placed above the fold – highlighted by the black square in this sample image.

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  • Voting will start tonight at 00:00 IST (10/2/2015 – Tuesday) and will be over at 00:00 IST (16/2/2015 Monday). The poll will go live at that time only.
  • The most voted entry goes on the top automatically.

We have lined up more polls in different categories. However, the new participants and categories will be revealed later.

It will also help you spread the word about your blog as well.

Please do not abuse the system or appeal for any matter. Help in keeping the entire voting clean.

Participate and win!

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