New Feature ‘Nearby Friends’ Brought Out By Facebook

Mega social networking site Facebook has brought out a new feature called ‘nearby friends’.

Facebook has actually started the process of bringing out the feature that will allow the users of the mobile app to incorporate the location of their Smartphones to ‘discover’ their nearby friends around.

About ‘nearby friends’

The feature is actually an optional feature, but can still be very helpful. This allows you to ‘discover which of your friends are nearby or on the go’. This was a blog announcement made by Andrea Vaccari, who is a product manager.

The blog further read that if the ‘nearby feature’ is turned on, the user will be notified as and when their friends are around. So, this gets simpler enough and it becomes easier to schedule your next meeting.Facebook Nearby Friends

The feature allows you to plan various outings. If you are out for shopping, or visiting a restaurant or just simply going for a drive, and if you have the feature switched on, it will let you know your nearby friends. Planning your next move gets all that easier indeed.


So, one thought that would have touched your mind by now is what if you do not wish to be found by your friend through this feature? Well, you can set that too. You can choose which of your friends can ‘see’ if you are nearby. The options include close friends, a certain list of friends and of course, your friend’s list. Moreover, you can turn the option on or off whenever you want.

Apart from this, Facebook will also permit the users to share the exact location with a certain group of friends for a certain time frame. The feature will be available in the US in the near future for both Android and iPhone users.


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