Features that make iOS 7 better

Recently Apple has introduced iOS 7 for different iOS devices. As per news and different surveys on iOS 7, people are enjoying the new user interface and user experience. There is no doubt on it and personally even I like this new change on my iPhone 4S. Few people have said that they didn’t like those colorful icons on it, but honestly I found them okay, in fact they are better than previous version. A

Another thing is that there aren’t more changes on usage based; I mean you will find quite similar experience like you have on previous iOS. But in the end it is a good thing. They have introduced some good features which is surely good enough to make this new version better. The features make consume more battery power. So, it is vital to make the necessary changes to make the battery of your device with iOS 7 to last longer. Let’s see a few of them.

Control Center: This is almost like what android offers. But I found it better than it. By swiping up at the bottom screen you can access this control center where you will found different toggles like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. to on off. You will also get brightness controller and music controller just below to them. You can also access few apps like torch, calculator and camera from it. Good thing is that you can access this control center even from the lock screen so that means you can control so many things without unlocking your device.iOS7

Notification Panel: On Android you will only get notification panel, but here you will get control center as mentioned above and notification area too where you will get all the notifications for apps, miss call and messages. So having more option is always cool. You can access this by swiping down from top screen.

Dynamic wallpapers: In previous version this was missing. Dynamic wallpapers in other words animated wallpaper were missing in previous iOS versions. But you will get it on iOS 7. I don’t know if you by default can add more wallpaper. But it would be great if this is possible.

Airdrop: With airdrop now you can send and receive files on your iPhone via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. But this thing is only limited between iOS devices. So it is little inconvenient when we talk about connecting to other operating system.

3D home screen: Well, it’s not completely 3D. But its parallax effect as per Apple. Means it will give you some what 3D experience on your home screen. With this when you will move your phone up down or right left; you will found that its display and icons are little separately moving which will give you 3D effects at some level.

New lock screen: This one have new lock screen with parallax effect I mentioned above. In previous iOS versions there was slide to unlock option. You have to slide one button to unlock your device. But here on iOS 7 you can unlock your device by directly swiping whole wallpaper. I mean you can swipe left to right anywhere on the screen to unlock your device.

New theme concept: You should know about theme concept. Means you can change the whole color scheme of your phone. Well, here there is some unique thing given that I haven’t seen before. Here whatever wallpaper you will select, system will adopt theme as per it. I mean suppose you have chosen wallpaper with red colors then you will get whole system things like notification area, control center, folder background color, button hovering color, etc. with red effects. So this is surely unique thing I found.

So this is it. These all things are making iOS 7 better than all previous versions. It is the first time when Apple have make these much changes on User Interface based. But sometime change is necessary and for me it is the good one.

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